So, What Grade would you give the Teddy Bears?

How did they do? How did we do? If you look back, we had three goals we wanted to accomplish: • Make sure that the U.S. government, in particular, the State Department is aware of and watching out for the good of our kids. • To strongly urge the U.S. government to communicate with the … Continue reading So, What Grade would you give the Teddy Bears?

Really? Are you?

Isaiah 25:1-5 (portions – highlighting is mine) God, you are my God.I celebrate you. I praise you. You’ve done your share of miracle-wonders, ……Superpowers will see it and honor you,brutal oppressors bow in worshipful reverence.They’ll see that you take care of the poor,that you take care of poor people in trouble,Provide a warm, dry place … Continue reading Really? Are you?

It’s been everywhere lately…..

Twitter..... The White House..... The White House on Twitter..... All news sources whether "fake" or "real" Facebook - personal stories that would break your heart. Facebook - personal attacks that brought friends of mine to tears. The local coffee shop Sexual abuse hotlines were inundated with people seeking help. Instagram and I'm sure there were … Continue reading It’s been everywhere lately…..