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Isn’t the Hague Enough? – Apparent Project

It should be.

If it was properly administered, I believe it would.

But it’s not.

It’s not properly administered – at least not in the same way everywhere.

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How Do You “Prevent” Orphans?

The first few times I heard the term “Orphan Prevention” I have to admit that my first reaction wasn’t positive.   Orphans are children, they are very vulnerable and often very fr…

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So What? – Apparent Project

But there are many children who are “caught up” in the orphan crisis who don’t need to be. And there are many families ripped apart by poverty, injustice and as we’ll see more later, trafficking that could be kept whole and given the support to grow and heal and remain together. For that to happen, we need to acknowledge three things: Not all children in orphanages are orphans.  Many parents bring their children to an orphanage ONLY because they can’t see a way for them to provide for their children.  Help the parents overcome the obstacles and families will flourish.   Ignore the families and the cycle will continue.

Source: So What? – Apparent Project

Who is an Orphan Anyway?

If you do a Google Search on the words, “orphan crisis” and read the first two or three headlines, it won’t take you long to see statistics like, “150 million orphans”…

Source: Who is an Orphan Anyway?

Did you ever wonder why? Why are there orphanages?

Source: Did You Ever Wonder? – Apparent Project

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