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Charlottesville on the Ground

Preemptive Love–The Way It Works…..

Weep with Me

Being part of the family of God when that family is okay with not being okay can be really powerful.   It can be really healing to know that when you weep, God weeps with you.

No matter how you are hurting or where you are hurting, listen to this and know that God weeps with us when we hurt…….

The Story of Two Chicagos…..

When I started my 20 + year career in banking, I had no idea that the housing and mortgage lending policies that the government had in place would make a place Chicago one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. but also one of the most segregated…..

Why does JK Rowling Matter Anyway? – Apparent Project

If you go to and read the second article, you’ll see a couple of important names. I think it’s worthwhile talking about why they are important. What are those names? JK Rowling and Lumo…

Source: Why does JK Rowling Matter Anyway? – Apparent Project

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