A Fast Food Meal?

Today, as part of my devotions, I came across this verse in Psalm 14:4 (the Message):

Don’t they know
they can’t get away with this—
Treating people like a fast-food meal
over which they’re too busy to pray?

A fast food meal over which they are too busy to pray.   Think about that – how often have you and I whipped into a fast food restaurant, bought some food and on our way again.   Never stopping, never praying for the food, just inhaling it and moving on.

That is NOT how God wants us to treat people.    God is calling us to invest in people, to enjoy spending time with people and to take the time to talk and pray with people.

So, are the people you meet and the people you relate with today a fast food meal or a good solid steak and potatoes sit down dinner?


My Story–It’s an Unfinished One

I mentioned before that I’ve had a number of people tell me, you should write down your story because it’s an absolutely amazing story.

First off, it’s humbling to hear that because I don’t see it that way.   I’m just a dad with 5 kids, 2 of which happen to be from another country.

Secondly, if I can, by writing my story, encourage one more person to take one more step “outside their comfort zone” and make a difference in this world, then that’s worth it.

Starting next Saturday, every Saturday I’m going to post a small part of the story.   It will take a long time to tell (this part of the story is over 10 years long) but it has been a very interesting and enriching ride.

I hope you’ll join me and share part of your story too.



A Prayer of Indifference

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me not to care.

Help me not to care if it’s what I want.

Help me not to care whether it makes me comfortable.

Help me not to care whether it’s clean or it’s messy.

Help me not to care about driving the nicest cars.

Help me not to care whether the person sitting next to me in church “looks” like me.

Help me not to care about anything that you don’t care about.

and help me to care about what You care about.


4 Years Ago Today

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Four Years Ago – An Anniversary of Epic Proportions……

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of 80 children being united with their families for the first time after the earthquake.

There were homecomings like this happening all over the country.   The one in Grand Rapids Michigan had 14 families and 17 kids.

All coming home from God’s Littlest Angels.

All coming home at the same time.

It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever been involved in.   If the saying is true that a picture is worth 1,000 words, then here are 417,000 words about that day.

Special thanks to Jen Kroll of Jen Kroll Photography for capturing the homecoming so beautifully as a service to the families.