Picture Post Series

I’m trying something different here. I’ve been collecting a whole bunch of pictures that other people have put on the web – typically Facebook, Instagram or something like that. Sometimes I will share some of my own thoughts after the picture, some times not.

Rest vs. Peace

Think about it.

In today’s world, with everything going on, with everything being different, with death tolls on the news every night, there is very little peace in the world. When there is very little peace, there is very little rest.

May God give us enough rest so we can work to be the peace our world needs and then we can all experience the peace and the rest.

That’s a goal to work for if you ask me…..



My kids have asked me…….

My brothers have asked me….

I’ve had friends ask me.


Why do you write? Why do you have so many words in your head that you want to put on paper (or electronic paper in the era of blogging…..?)

To quote what is probably the most popular musical/show of our time, “Why do you write like you’re running out of time?”  (That’s a topic for another day)

But it often brings to memory a story about my Dad and my Grandpa from when my Dad was a young kid.  I don’t know how old he was, but let’s just say he was in elementary school and one Saturday, he was “helping” my Grandpa in the garage.  Grandpa was a wonderful man and I love him to pieces but he never got above an 8th grade education and he wasn’t the most talkative person in the family.   So, on this Saturday, Dad is helping Grandpa and asking questions, rumor has it, at the rate of approximately 5 questions per minute.  Grandpa finally lost his patience and said, “HOWARD, why do you ask questions all of the time?  Why can’t you be quiet and just work with me?”  (Insert parental sigh that we all know.)

My Dad stopped what he was helping Grandpa with, looked at Grandpa and said, “But Dad, I’ve got questions!”

Why do I write?  Because I’ve got questions and more often than not, writing either helps me find the answers or it clarifies the questions.

“Because I’ve got questions……”


2020 is not very clear







Could we have more going on right now?

I listened to a podcast today that wrestled with questions about white evangelical Christianity  and its role in the current political quagmire that we find ourselves slogging through.   I have not read the book yet, but after listening to the Antioch Podcast talk about it, I think I need to.

We are in such a tumultuous time and during these times God will often use music to speak to his people.   Sometimes it is music that makes sense and very openly speaks about the struggle that you’re going through.

Sometimes it seems like it has nothing to do with what you’re going through.

Until later.

After the dust has settled.

After your heart has calmed down.

After the pain is settling down.

Look back and remember that song that you heard at just the right time?

Yeah, that wasn’t an accident.   Someone was using that to cheer you on.

For me, right now, it’s a new song by the group NeedtoBreathe…….

“I wanna be there when the voices in your head 

Are loud enough to make you lose your mind”

If you know some of the medical things I’ve got going on, you’d understand even more……


I’m Not Going To

I’m not going to mention their names.   Because they wouldn’t want it that way.

I’m not going to mention their names.  Because they aren’t in it for attention.

I’m not going to mention their names.  Because they will just find someone who they think deserves it more.

I’m not going to mention their names.  Because they work on all levels.

I’m not going to mention their names.  Because whether they call the shots, bring the shots, or clean the floor, they are all important.

I’m not going to mention their names.  Because I know there are too many for me to name them all, let alone name all of them that I know.

But I’ll remind you that this pandemic has thousands and thousands and probably even millions of people doing what has to be done on the front line to push back against the pandemic and keep some semblance of what the world was like before this all hit.

People of different walks of life, people with different skill sets, but people with the same passion.   The passion is to help people.  How they do it varies.  

But the overall need is great.

And getting greater.

You don’t see their names.   You don’t see them running into a burning building.

But in many ways they are.

Say a prayer tonight  for all who are fighting to keep us as safe as possible in the CoVid19 pandemic. 

It’s not easy, it’s at great personal risk.

That’s why anyone fighting CoVid19 is a hero in my book.



“I Too” by Langston Hughes

This was brought to my attention a year ago today. Randall Pierson from “This is Us” brought it to many people’s attention……

“I too” by Langston Hughes

I, too, sing America.
I the darker brother
they send me to eat in the kitchen
when company comes,
But I laugh, eat well, and grow strong
tomorrow, I’ll be at the table
when company comes.
nobody’ll dare
Say to me,
“eat in the kitchen, “
they’ll see how beautiful we are
and be ashamed–
I, too, am

Thanks to Randall Pearson – “This is Us”