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31 Cups of Coffee–What’s That?

So, every day this month (hopefully), I’m going to post on here with an overview of what that particular day’s chapter is about.   It’s only going to be a “highlight reel” or a “trailer” of it – you’ll have to get the book to read the whole thing.

As an adoptive dad, I wish I known then what I know now.   I hope to be able to help more dads (and moms) know “then” so they don’t have to learn by quite as much trial and error.

Stay tuned and if you want me to keep you up to date – sign up on the form next to this post and I’ll keep in touch by e-mail.



First Date Syndrome

Did you know that many North American churches are stuck in the “First Date Syndrome?”

Did you know that’s a very healthy place to be for a little while, but being there perpetually can be very damaging?

Check out http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S1XGO1W for more on what the First Date Syndrome is and why it matters.



What is it about Food?

So, in the 39 chapters in “A church, my church, The Church,” I end up talking about food three different times.

I talk about casseroles.

I talk about meat and potatoes.

And I talk about mixed nuts.

And how they are all important components to what the church does and how healthy the church is (and I’m not talking cholesterol or things like that.)

Check it out at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S1XGO1W.