“The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day.” Psalm 139:16

Think about it.

Not kind of planned out.

Not “hope it will go this way.”

All prepared.

Like eating Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandma’s house. It’s all prepared.

Places are marked – reserved for Dad, for Mom, for Aunt Deb, all the way around there’s a place for everyone.

And there’s a place for every platter of food. It’s all marked out. All prepared.

But, in your grandma is like my mother-in-law, she started planning Thanksgiving in September.

Not God. That’s too small for him.

Before I’d even lived one day.

Can you imagine that?

As crazy as life is – with economic numbers that are truly mind-blowing.

Health issues on everyone’s minds.

Before all this……


Before political grandstanding and fact twisting and name-calling and confederate flag-waving

Before all this……


Before funerals, sometimes more than one in a family at one time, before ICUs and respirators.

Before all this……


Before my grandpa heard the words from his parents, “come with us, we are going to America.”

Before we knew where in America

Before two of grandpa’s brothers died “on the boat” on the way here.

Before all this…..


Before gangs and thugs and cartels.

Before guns and cocaine and heroin and more.

Before it became too risky to stay home, they left and walked to America.

How long will it take? What will we eat? Where will we stay?

Before all this…..


Before this virus

Before the staggering losses

Before the emotional pain and the helplessness.

Before all this…..



Isolation 2.0

I actually wrote this last night…..

Isolation 2.0? What’s that?

It’s what happens when the Corona Virus keeps on coming and coming and coming. And the stories that we’re seeing and reading and hearing are worse and more painful and more destructive than was anticipated.

So what do you do? You’ve been very cautious and you’ve been observing the “stay at home” advisories. And things are worse than they were.

My daughter has a heart condition. It makes her more susceptible to other types of diseases and such. And if you’ve read any of the writing I’ve been doing, you know that I’m dealing with some pretty substantial health issues of my own. This CoVid 19 virus is a respiratory illness and I’m basically operating on 1 1/2 lungs. Not a good combination.

Both of us have been observing the “stay at home” rules very carefully, but the reports keep getting worse and the estimates keep going higher in our “neck” of the woods. What do we do? What can we do? Do we wait and just stay home?

Oh, did I mention that out of the 5 of us who live at our home, 3 of us have what the government says are “essential” jobs. So, today, we instituted Isolation 2.0.

Isolation 2.0 – my daughter with the heart condition and I moved into my in-laws condo less than 2 miles from home. They are not here because they have stayed at their place in Florida to ride this COVID 19 virus out. They didn’t feel traveling was safe right now, so they stayed there. We support their decision completely.

How long are we going to be at my in-laws place? I don’t know. But I know that this puts another layer of protection between us and the virus. And that’s a good thing.

I’ll be sharing more and I expect I’ll have other things to talk about too.

Until then, stay safe and keep in touch,