Books, Covers and Stories

In light of everything that is going on these days – violence, protests, hurricanes, elections, charges, counter charges, lies, counter lies, it’s enough to make you sick…..

It’s also enough to make me think that my mother just might have been right.

At least once.  Smile

Okay, really, she’s been right a lot longer than that.   But what am I talking about this time?   I’m talking about when she would be refereeing a fight between my brothers and I and she’d say, “You know, there is more to the story than you’re telling me.”   (A nice way of saying, “You’re lying to me son……)

There’s more to the story.  The people who are yelling the loudest on social media about any issue – there’s more to their story.

There’s more to the story – the lady sitting by herself in church.  Why?

There’s more to the story – the kid who always has to be the loudest and the “first” at school – what drives that in him?

There’s more to the story – so give them a little extra leniency.

There’s more to the story – so if she misses work again, ask what might be happening.

There’s more to the story – so if someone is new to a school, give them grace and space about what might have happened at the past school.

There’s more to the story – so the news reports you are hearing just might not be telling the whole truth or even part of the truth.

I could go on for a very long time with examples but I think you get the picture.   All is not as it appears on the surface.   There are many deep issues and struggles running through much of your community.   Much of your family.  Much of your church.  Much of your kids school.

Be aware that it’s there.   Don’t feel like you need to know what it is.  

But knowing that it is there, ask yourself, what do you need for your struggles?

You need someone to sit with you, to be with you and to give you grace.

Go forward and give grace to those you meet.

Because there is more to the story.

I guarantee it.



So, the last two days, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at one of the breakout sessions (aka the small groups) at two “His Kids” Orphan Initiative conferences (think Orphan Sunday).    It was essentially the same conference done in two different counties.

I learned a lot from what I heard.   I learned a lot from the people I had a chance to interact with.

And then this morning, I read Psalm 84:10: “I would ratherDoor be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”

I spent the weekend interacting with doorkeepers.

I spent the weekend interacting with adoptive parents, church leaders, volunteers who are all putting someone else first.

I spent weekend listening to people who are doing seemingly mundane things and making a difference for God’s Kingdom.

Creating “emergency care” kits for foster children who are put in foster care with literally nothing but the clothes they are wearing.   That’s a door keeper.

Being willing to share your difficult story to help someone else get through theirs.   That’s a door keeper.

Being open, being honest, being vulnerable to help others.   That’s a door keeper.

Letting your eyes be opened to the world around you and then once you see it, doing something about it.   That’s a door keeper.

None of it’s for glory, none of it’s for publicity.   It’s all for God and it’s all because, as door keepers in His house, we want to reflect His love to others.

I met a lot of door keepers this weekend.   I pray we can all be more of that, we can all put God and His people first.