Sit with the Pain


This is a tough week.   There are people who are happy.   There are people who are sad.   There are people who are angry and vengeful.  There are people who are scared, scared personally and scared for the nation. There are people who are absolutely terrified about what this might mean for their children as they […]

That Moment


You struggle with it.  I struggle with it. It’s on the news.   Pictures, stories, arrests, bombs, beheadings, smoke, fear. It’s on the news.  Grown men insulting each other while insisting they can run the country. It’s on the news.   Comparisons between political candidates and really really bad men from times gone past. It’s on the […]

Traveling at the Speed of Pain


I’ve been having a lot of conversations the last couple of weeks with people who are in pain.   Pain from remembering an earthquake in Haiti that happened 6 years ago.   Pain from emotional illnesses.   Pain from relational battle scars.   Pain from losses.   Pain from mourning – mourning the loss of people but also mourning the […]

An Open Letter to Those Who Write Open Letters

Dear Writer, You know who you are.   You spend countless hours on the computer…… Pouring out your soul. Raising hard questions. Poking at the comfortable realities of middle class life. Forcing yourself and others to look at the hard questions. The uncomfortable realities. The inconsistencies. The biases. It’s hard to write those things.   It takes […]



A mixed up jumble of good, bad, easy, hard, pain and grace…….