A Trans-Racial Parent Speaks Out

That’s what we’re called.  Parents who have children who are of a different race than they are – whether it is through adoption or through interracial marriage, I don’t think it matters.   It’s different.  It’s different because you straddle two worlds.  You are in one world, your child(ren) are often in another world.   Sometimes those … Continue reading A Trans-Racial Parent Speaks Out

Transracial Adoptive Parents–Reluctant Revolutionaries?

Transracial adoptive parents are reluctant revolutionaries? Seriously?   According to an article I read that was written by an African American man, yes, transracial adoptive parents are revolutionaries. Why? Because they are living what our country needs. They are demonstrating, on a daily basis, what the country should be doing. And what is that? Making race … Continue reading Transracial Adoptive Parents–Reluctant Revolutionaries?