New Year’s Resolutions

I have to admit, I’ve never really liked making New Year’s Resolutions.   So many times, I’ve felt like they are totally unrealistic statements about what we’d like our dream world to be and there is very little that actually blends with the reality that is life.

I’ve read a number of things this year that are changing my perspective about New Year’s resolutions.   Rather than the mindless setting of unrealistic goals that aren’t going to have a chance of succeeding, they are proposing a different outlook on the process……

  • Don’t make unrealistic goals and then set yourself up for failure.   We all fail, we all screw up.   Actually, thanks to Christine Moers, I was able to learn that screwing up can actually be an opportunity for growth and for healing.   So don’t hide failures.
  • Set goals that have more to do with experiencing life, enjoying the times, falling forward when you screw up and deepening relationships.
  • Enjoy the in-between times.   The times that aren’t really bad, aren’t really good but just are.   The waiting times, the times that are often hard for those of us who are very impatient.   Thank you Jeff Goins for that.

My prayer is that 2014 is a year where we all see God, we all see our roles as His people more clearly and that together we make the world a better place – in both small and big ways.

I hope you’ll approach 2014 with a similar outlook.

And may you have a deep, realistic, screwed up, enjoyable and God filled New Year!


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