And God Did Think Twice

Exodus 32:14a (The Message) – “And God did think twice.”
This is a small “snippet” of God’s conversation with Moses about when the Israelites sinned and made the golden calf and worshipped it.

Most of us would believe that God had the right to wipe out the evil people from in the middle of the Israelites.   After all they had seen and heard and been a part of – then they decide to do this?   Ugh.

But think about it, God thought twice.   God was willing to listen to Moses and changed His plans because of what Moses said.

I’m not willing to say that God is going to be willing to change His plans every time we ask him.   His ways are way better than ours and beyond what we can understand.

But, if God was willing to listen to Moses, don’t you think that the least we can do is talk to Him and tell Him what’s on our minds and what we’re thinking?

May we all spend more time talking with God about the things that bother us in this world.


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