Tomorrow–a Day for Relationships

There’s something special happening tomorrow.   It’s not just a day for basketball games (though that does happen).  

Tomorrow, there’s a gathering of sorts happening in Hudsonville, Michigan.  Over 100 people will be coming to the gathering.

To eat pizza.

To eat other food.

To play games.

And why are we coming together?   Because we all have a connection.

We’re from Haiti.

We’ve adopted part of our family from Haiti.

We have worked in or for organizations in Haiti.

It’s a day of connections.   It’s an opportunity to relate to people who are walking the same path that you are.   An opportunity to hang out with people who don’t look like the stereotypical Caucasian family (just like we don’t.)

An opportunity to talk about where we’ve been – and where we are going.  

An opportunity to shine a light on the path for those who are following us.

Tomorrow  will be a day rich with memories and rich with opportunities.

As one adoptive dad said to me at one of these previously, “Thank you for helping us not feel so alone.”

God has called us all on a journey.   Tomorrow we are blessed by the opportunity to share it with people who are on that journey too.

God is good!   (All the time)

All the time!  (God is good)

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