On Limiting God

Five Times.

Five times in the last 48 hours.

Five times in the last 48 hours, the topic of limiting God has come up.

Five different locations, five different situations.

The same theme – God is way bigger than we expect He is.

Don’t feel like your plans are too big – if they are aligned with God’s goals, they are probably too small.

Don’t feel like your problems are too big – God is bigger than any problems.

Don’t feel like the challenges with your kids are too big – God can grant healing and restoration even when we don’t see it.

Don’t feel  like a job loss is the end of all things good – that would limit God – instead look at it as an opportunity to determine what God’s plan is.

Will God always give us what we want?   Hah, not a chance.   Will it always be easy?   Not a chance.

But God’s plans are way bigger than ours.

Open your eyes, open your arms.   You’re limiting God.

I’m limiting God.

And He Has No Limits to what He can do.


1 thought on “On Limiting God

  1. Judith Heaney

    Don’t you just love that truth? That God’s plans are bigger than ours. That he will give us far more than we can ask or imagine. I hate that it is too easy to fall into the trap of limiting God.

    So, thank you for this reminder today.


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