Zacchaeus Got One–Do you Need one?

What did Mr. Z get?

He got the chance to climb a tree.     Nope, that’s not it.

He got a chance to see this new preacher walk by?   Well, that led to it, but that’s not it either.

He got to have supper with Jesus.    That’s an awesome thing, but that in itself isn’t the big thing that he got.

What did he get?

He got a second chance.   These tax collectors back in Jesus day made the current stereotypical IRS agent look like a good guy.

Zacchaeus had screwed many many people and he got a second chance.   He was able to redo and rebuild what he “was” and become what God wanted him to be.

Do you need a second chance?   

Did you screw up something in a relationship with someone who you value?

Did you do something while parenting that you know wasn’t the right thing to do?

Did you get hurt by someone else and are still hurting from it?

Did your dream get blown up by someone else’s actions?

Did your plans for the future change radically and thru nothing you’ve done or caused?

God sent His son.   He sent Him this week. 

He has given us all second chances.

All we have to do is claim those second chance, claim the grace of God and then follow God.  

Thank you, God, for second chances.   What do you want me to do with my second chance?


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