The Beginning of Ft. Jacques

Since well before 2003 (when we first became involved with GLA), the orphanage has always run from two separate locations. Why? Space.

We simply didn’t have room to keep all of the kids at the main house. There were too many children who needed a bed, food and love and attention for us to fit them all in one house.

It has been a dream of John and Dixie’s for a long time to have one facility – a property where there was room for everything in one location, where the kids could run and play and not do it all on a cement driveway. They’ve looked at a number of properties and never found one that seemed right until a couple of weeks before we came down with the group from Bethany. So while we were there, we took the drive up the mountain and walked the land. It became obvious that this would be a great spot to move GLA to. So, John and Dixie set up a meeting with the seller.

The three of us met with the seller (I think I was “window dressing” to be able to say, “This is one of our board members”) and came to an agreement on price and terms. This was the end of August.

After the seller left, John and Dixie and I sat there for a few minutes. Then John said something that I’ll never forget……

“We have $5,000 in the building fund – we need $250,000 by the end of the year. God, I sure hope you’ve got this because we don’t!”

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