The Future–What Are Your Plans?

As my time at GLA winds down, I was having a conversation with someone I’ve known for a while (but not someone who I’d consider a friend – just more of an acquaintance).   We were getting reconnected regarding family, jobs, banking, my time at GLA and I told him that my time at GLA is very close to being done.

“What are your plans?   What do you see as your career moving forward?”

My response?   There were two parts:

To Find Out What God Wants – I know that God’s got a plan.   I could talk or write for hours (if not longer) about how God has been at work orchestrating our adoption of our two kids, our longer term involvement in Haiti, my move from banking to the non-profit world.   It has been obvious that God has been at work in all of this.   God is drawing one chapter to a close.    He hasn’t allowed me to turn the next page yet – glimpses of it, but not the full chapter.    My goal is to find out what God wants.

And do it.   Once I find out what God wants, I want to do it.   Because I know that if I do what He wants, I’ll be able to do it with His blessing, with His leadership and with the internal joy (not happiness – those are two different things) that comes from following God’s call.

So, I don’t know what’s next, but I know who does.   And that’s all I need to know right now.


P.S. Stay tuned, I promise I’ll share this journey with you……

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