‘Dear God, my Master, you created earth and sky by your great power—by merely stretching out your arm! There is nothing you can’t do.”  Jeremiah 32:17 (MSG)

So, if there is nothing God  can’t do, then why are there millions of people who are suffering in this world?

If there is nothing God can’t do, then why are thousands of people in Haiti suffering from a nasty mosquito born virus that is making them absolutely miserable?

If there’s nothing God can’t do, then why is there a problem with child trafficking?

If there’s nothing God can’t do, then why is there a problem with governmental corruption?

For me to offer an answer would be extremely presumptuous.

But let me make a suggestion.   Is there a possibility that God has allowed this evil in the world, as part of the battle with the devil, as a way of giving His people the opportunity to put their gratitude into action?

I’m grateful that God sent His Son to die for me, so I’m going to get involved with……..

I’m grateful for the way that God has blessed my business so I’m going to………

I’m grateful for the fact that I have three faucets (two bathrooms and a kitchen sink) that have water that comes from them that is safe to drinks so………

God could obliterate all of the pain and suffering in this world immediately.   Do you think there’s a possibility that He wants to use the fight against evil to deepen the spiritual lives of His people?



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