Evacuation Chaos–Also known as why I didn’t talk to my wife that day……

Wednesday was the day in Haiti where Dixie and the staff took mountains of paperwork down to the government offices in Port Au Prince to make sure that everything was in order so that they could get Humanitarian Parole and actually get the kids out of Haiti and home to their forever families.

So, while there were families scrambling in the US to get ready, there were people scrambling in Haiti to get the paperwork and get the kids ready to go so that when it was ready, all was ready.

Thursday morning, I had a chance to spend a few minutes on IM with my wife. After a couple of minutes, she said, “I’ve got to go help get the kids ready to go. I’ll be online again when the kids are on their way down to the airport.”

“Sounds good – talk to you then.”

And then the day went on with its usual chaos and busyness. The busyness included a trip to the airport to see the families off to Miami who were flying with Northern Air.

Early afternoon came and went and my wife still wasn’t online. Then late afternoon – still nothing.

Early evening – all was quiet from her. I wasn’t concerned because I know how electricity and satellites work in and with Haiti.

Later evening – still no word. I was starting to think that she might have ended up going down to the airport with the kids – little did I know.

About 10:00, I got a text message from one of the adoptive dads who was part of the team that came in to help – “Hey Tom, your wife is on the plane and she’s taking care of a really sick baby!”

30 seconds later, my daughter popped online. She was off at college but following all of the goings on very closely because her heart is in Haiti and her siblings are from Haiti.

“Hey Dad, Mom’s on the plane that is evacuating the kids to the US!”

Me – “She is, but how did you know?”

It turns out, another one of the dads that was helping with the evacuation was sitting on the plane, took a selfie of him and his son and you could just barely see the corner of the shirt a nurse in the next row was wearing. “I know that’s Mom’s shirt, I just helped her pack it on Saturday!”

So, I never got to talk to my wife further that day but I did know she was safe and the kids were getting on the plane.

Little did I know what her day held for her………

But that’s a story for the next chapter.

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