Rehearsing God?

Psalm 42:6 “When my soul is in the dumps, I rehearse everything I know of you,”  (The Message)

This was part of my personal devotions this morning.   With everything that seems to be going wrong in the world today, I think this is a really good idea.

When we’re “down in the dumps” over things in our personal lives, rehearse what you know of God and what He does and can do.

When we’re scared of the things that are happening in this world that illustrate the evil that Satan is perpetrating, practice the presence of God and remember that He’s got this.

When we’re concerned about the direction of things in the first world church and don’t know what to do, rehearse what we know of God.   Did Jesus treat the marginalized the way that the first world church treats them?    No he did not.  (Sweeping generalizations acknowledged in prior statement).

If we spent more time rehearsing what we know of God, what we know of how He works, what we know of His plan for our world and our lives, we’d spend a lot less time in the dumps and and a lot more time as soldiers in a spiritual battle.

Rehearse what you know of God.   And repeat it often.



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