Holy Ground

So, in Joshua 5:13-15, Joshua is talking to a “mystery man” who says he is neither for them nor against them – but he’s the commander of the army of the Lord.    I would really hope that the commander of the Lord’s army is for me…….

But then the commander said something that struck me.   “Take off your sandals, for the place you are standing is holy.”

I don’t think we do that enough.   

I’m not talking physical shoes (though he was) – especially because I’m wearing a “boot” because of a torn tendon in my left foot.   I’m talking about “other” shoes.

Spiritual shoes that “protect” us from being real at church – real – even with our stubbed toes and sweaty feet and all of our imperfections.

Emotional boots that protect us from stepping in the mess that others might leave on the floor – because life is messy and sometimes you step in “theirs” if you get too close to them.

Relational shoes – shoes that you take off out of respect when you enter someone else’s house.    Someone who you want to say, “I appreciate you and I value your relationship – so I’m going to remove my shoes and keep your space clean.”    Keeping their space clean also shows how you value their being, their belonging and their space as one of God’s children.

And most importantly, our God shoes.   These are the “shoes” that we take off when we acknowledge that we’re on holy ground.    That holy ground can happen at church, at work, anywhere you can see and witness the glory of God.

We need to take off our shoes more.   We’re on holy ground all day and in many ways.


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