Rhythms of Grace

Today’s personal devotions brought me to Matthew 11:29 and 30.   

As I like to, I read it in both the NIV and The Message.   Below is the Message version:

“Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.”  Matthew 11:30 (The Message)

That got me thinking……..

  • How often do we allow God and His rhythms of grace to take over?
  • How often are we too busy to say, “God’s got this!” And then let God have it?
  • How often are we too hot and bothered by all of the things happening in our world and in THE world that we don’t feel like we can afford to let Him plan and do things?

Not very often

Very often

Way too much of the time.

Especially for those who have a passion for the hurting, the vulnerable and the oppressed of the world, it’s hard to not feel like you have to fix it all.

And have it all fixed by yesterday.

I know.   I’m there, quite often.

These last months have been a journey in learning the rhythms of grace.   Knowing God’s got it, knowing God’s got a plan.   It’s hard.

Some days harder than others.   But never easy.

But Jesus says again in this verse that not only do we need to trust in God’s grace through our valleys, we need to do it in an unforced manner.

Unforced means we don’t try  to rush it, we don’t try to move it faster than God wants or in a way that’s different than He wants.

Learning the unforced rhythms of grace – hard.

Very difficult to do.

But living in this world that’s full of evil while knowing God’s got this all under His control is good.

It doesn’t erase the “why” questions but allows us to trust and know that God’s got this.

May we all learn the unforced rhythms of grace today.   Tomorrow.   And always.


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