June 6, 1944

We’re living after June 6, 1944.

Yes, thank you for that Captain Obvious.

No, I don’t mean it the way you think.    While we’re chronologically after June 6, 1944, we are also spiritually in a time similar to the period between June 6, 1944 and the end of World War II.

There are a number of reasons why we are in that time……

Ultimate victor – it wasn’t too long after June 6, 1944, that it was obvious to most of the military people on both sides that the inevitable was that the Germans would be defeated.    The tide of the war had shifted and the Nazi regime was living in a time where their survival was very limited.

We know who is going to win the war.    We know that even though Satan is battling with every ounce of strength that he has, he will not defeat Jesus.   Jesus struck that blow when He went to hell and came back.   The war is over, even though the battle is not.

Much fighting remains – it was 11 months and 1 day from when the US and the Allies landed on D-Day until the Germans surrendered.    There were a lot of really brutal battles that took place during that time, but the end result was already decided.   However, during those battles, many people gave their lives, many people suffered much and many people were wounded during that time. Military Cemetery in France

There are many people who have devoted their lives to spiritual warfare and battling the effects of the devil.    Many have suffered much and continue to suffer.

The Rush to Rescue the Innocent – Auschwitz – a name that makes many people shudder just to hear it.   Just one of the places where the worst of Germany’s crimes took place.    Millions of Jews were slaughtered in places like that.

The soldiers knew there were people waiting in these concentration camps.    They were rushing to try to get to them.   They knew that every day that they didn’t get there, others would die.

The same goes today – there are literally millions of people all over the world who are living life without hearing the good news of Christ.    They haven’t had the opportunity to accept the pardon of their sins and the eternal life because they haven’t been told.

We’re the soldiers who are trying to bring them the spiritual life they need to survive and thrive – just like the WWII soldiers did with the POW camp survivors.    Not all of them made it but saving all of them was the goal.

So, why is there evil in the world?   There’s evil in the world because the final destruction of Satan hasn’t yet been accomplished.    The mortal blow has been struck – it was struck on Calvary – but the fighting and the struggles continue.    They will continue until the final victory.

When Jesus comes again, the evil will be banished and the devil will be “locked” in hell.    That’s when the Church can really get the party started and can give thanks for the mercy and grace of our Saviour.

We knew the end result.   We just have a lot of fighting and pain to get there.

And all God’s people said,   “Amen!”


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