Sunday Sinners

And no, I’m not referring to people who particularly sin only on Sundays (insert reference to the football team of your choice).  

I’m referring to the people who show up on Sunday at church with an attitude that says, “I’m good, I’ve got all of my stuff in a row, my kids are well behaved and all is well with the world.”    When the opposite is actually true.    They argued on the way to church.    Their children won’t speak to them.   His boss is about to fire him and her hours just got cut at work.    All is not well with their world.

But they won’t admit it.    They feel like they have to come to church with their armor on.   They feel like they have to come to church acting like all is well, even if it’s not.

Because if they don’t, they will feel even more like a failure.  Because their fellow church members will look down on them.

A church in Grand Rapids that we like to visit has a totally different outlook on it.   The senior pastor stands up in front of the whole church and says:

“I’m a sinner in need of being saved.”    Congregation says, “Amen.”

“You’re a sinner in need of being saved.”   Louder “AMEN.”

“We are all sinners who need to be saved together!”    “Amen!”

And they live that out too.   They admit their weaknesses, they admit their failures, they love each other any way……..

And that’s the way church should be.    That’s the way that Jesus wants us to be.   Sharing everything – the good, the bad and the troublesome.


P.S. This is actually Saturday’s post about church  – more to come later today.

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