The Church and Its’ Response to the Orphan Crisis

Today is the start of November – National Adoption Month.

Next week Saturday and Sunday I’m going to be speaking at local Orphan Sunday events (yeah, I know – an Orphan Sunday event on a Saturday – but it’s all good).   Orphan Sunday

Since we’ve been spending the month of October looking at the church, I thought I would take some time to look at the church’s role in the orphan crisis.     When I first began venturing down the road to adopting our two youngest, I have to admit, I was very naïve to the scope of the problem and the complexity of the answers as to how to solve the problem.    The longer I’m in it, the more challenging it appears and the more different types of answers there are.

It’s a multiple choice question where there are many answers – most of them are accurate.

I’m going to spell out the details in future posts but here’s a list of “one sentence” answers of the possible rolls a church can play in the orphan crisis:

  • 19th Century Physician Thomas Inman said it well, even though he wasn’t talking about the orphan crisis,   “First, do no harm.”
  • Support the families in your church who have adopted or are foster families (that’s what I’m going to be speaking about next weekend).
  • Support fair trade, create job opportunities in underdeveloped countries.
  • Orphan prevention
  • Family preservation
  • Encourage and support those who feel called to the adoption journey.
  • Support Social Justice.

Wow, lots of things that a church can do to get involved in solving the orphan crisis.   How you can you do it all?

You can’t.    But if everyone does something, together we can make a difference.

More to come soon……


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