What are We Willing to Accept from God?

Job 2:10 – ‘’He replied, “You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

Job raises a tough question.    Should we accept good from God and not trouble?

There’s a couple of underlying principles to how you answer that question:

  • While we believe that God has given us the ultimate good gift when He sent His Son to save us from ourselves and from our sins, do we believe that God believes everything should always be good and easy for those who believe in Him?   (Hint – if he did that, people would be Christians for the wrong reason).
  • Do we believe that we can learn more about ourselves and about God when all is not going well?
  • Why would God allow trouble to happen to His people?

The obvious “on the surface” answer is that of course we need to accept both the good and also the trouble from God.    He is after all, in charge.

But if you look at it a little deeper, a couple of things bubble up to  the surface…….

  • If we believe that God allows the trouble to happen, then we have to believe that there is a reason for the trouble.    What is that reason?    I believe a majority of the reasons will be seen only once life on this earth ends and we join Jesus in Heaven.    Our plans and our thoughts are too small to comprehend His master plan.
  • It shapes our response to trouble.   Rather than it being an overwhelming attack by the forces of evil, we can look at troubles that we face as something that God has “allowed” in order to further His kingdom.    Whether we’ll ever be able to see the way that it furthers the kingdom – frankly that doesn’t matter.   It’s not up to us to say, ‘I want to see what it will do.”    It’s up to us to say, “God, help me to be faithful in spite of troubles.”

Job is an excellent example of someone who had it all really good and got hit with a ton of pain and suffering.    He got mad at God but he never walked away from God.

It’s okay to be mad at God.   It’s actually quite healthy some times.

And if we’re willing to accept the troubles of this life, we’re going to have reason to be mad at God.    But we also have to be willing to accept it and work within and through it and look to see His plan.

“For God judged it better to bring good out of evil than not to permit any evil to exist.” ~AugustineScales of Justice - Wikipedia.org

Because He does have a plan.

And He will show us His plan – in His time.


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