Who Cares Who Had Whom?

Ever since I was a kid, I always used to (important past tense) think that the genealogies that are listed in the Bible are a sort of really bland, really boring record keeping and they held no meaning other than to verify that there actually were people involved in the Bible and that there was a “line” from Abraham to Jesus.

I realize now that I was wrong.

Let’s look at Matthew 1.    A couple of things stand out:

Judah had two sons – and one of them was  with his daughter in law.   That’s incest and is illegal around here.

Salmon married Rahab – remember Rahab?   The prostitute from Jericho?   So she was a foreigner and also a “woman of ill repute.”

Boaz married Ruth – she was a foreigner.

King David had Solomon – and Solomon’s mother was Uriah’s wife.   So he could marry his wife.

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, remember this……

God uses mixed up people, He uses sinners, He uses people who “don’t belong.”    All of them have a role in the Christmas story.

If God can use them to be part of the Christmas story, He can certainly use you and me.


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