A confession

I have a confession to make.

No, it’s not something illegal.

Though some make think it is.

I like to listen to talk radio when I’m in the car.    *Gasp*

Yes, I will even listen to that “Rush guy.”    And I’ve come to appreciate Glenn Beck more than I use to.

Do I agree with everything they say?  Not a chance.   But I’ve found a couple of things…..

Listening to these guys sharpens my thinking on the issues they talk about.   Sometimes I’d like to yell at them, sometimes I agree and a lot of times I just shake my head and laugh at the blatant “twisting” of things to suit their purpose.   And yeah, I know the other side does too……

But I heard a guest host on Rush’s show the other day go totally off the charts in the “what did he say?” category.    He was talking about colleges and about how there are colleges that are now offering degrees in food.   He read a class description of one class in that degree and it mentioned that one of the topics that would be discussed would be “food and social justice.”

He thought that was ridiculous.   He went on for I bet close to 5 minutes poking fun of the idea of there being any sort of linki between food and social justice.     Yeah, it wasn’t good for my blood pressure.

Food and social justice……

– Ask the mother in Uganda who saw her child starve to death because of a lack of food and a lack of income.

– Ask the father in Nigeria who just saw his farm and his income and his family’s chance at life be destroyed because he was falsely accused and thrown in jail for 3 months without reason and without a trial.

– Ask the family in Haiti who is living in sub standard (even Haitian standard) housing who had all of their food and their belongings stolen and now they don’t have food for today and no prospects of food for tomorrow either.

Do food and social justice belong together?

Yes, they do.   Without social justice, more people will be hurt by the evil of others and one of the major ways they can get hurt is through food (or the lack of food).   Stealing food, stealing land, unlawful eviction from property that has their garden on it – all are social justice issues that deal directly with food.

Does that class on food have it right?   Yes they do.

Did the guest host on the “Rush” show have it wrong?   Yes he did.

Food and social justice are linked and making sure social justice exists saves lives.

And it’s a shame that someone with that large of a listening audience didn’t get that.