An Open Letter About Why I Wrote The Book

Okay, so I don’t know that John Pavlovitz even knows that I wrote a book about the church.    I know for sure that he hadn’t read it before he wrote this blog post.

But he explains very well why I wrote the book,  “a church, my church, The Church” and why I felt compelled to urge on a conversation about the church, what’s going well and what isn’t and what we can do about it.

Let me copy a couple of “sections” (brief ones) from what he wrote.   I urge you to go to “Open Letter” and read the entire thing…….

“One of the central statements of this post and so many like it, is that you can’t love Jesus while criticizing the Church.


It’s time that we called out this kind of nonsense for what it is: an attempt to shut down meaningful, important, difficult conversation in the name of Christian unity, using spirituality as a gag. It’s an idea that needs to be buried forever.”

And a little further on…..

“It’s my and so many other’s intense love for Jesus and for the Church, that compels us to demand a better, more compassionate, more just, more diverse expression of both in the world; and to be told otherwise, is an insult to our experience, our faith, our intellect, our motives, and our ministry.

We speak because we feel personally called and convicted to; as equally called and convicted as you do.
We speak because many who need to be heard and seen, are still feeling voiceless and invisible.
We speak because we see wounded, hurting people pushed to the margins of this Christian community, and it bothers us.
We speak because the Church has become a decidedly white, upper middle class country club, and we’re not OK with that.
We speak because we feel that if we don’t, the very stones will scream, and we will be found complicit in the suffering of our neighbor.”

And a little further…….

“Christian, no entities, no matter how good or noble they might be, are ever above reproach. No, not even the Church.”

That is why I wrote, “a church, my church, The Church.”  

Because my church matters.

Because The Church matters.

Because we can do better – and unless we talk about it, we won’t do better.


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