Why I Won’t……

I’m going to go a little contrarian here.   Rather than doing one of the “10 Most……” blog posts or the “New Years Resolutions” blog posts, I’m going to tell you why I won’t.

I won’t be posting the 10 best things about 2014.

I won’t be posting the 10 “highest traffic”  blog posts of 2014.

I won’t be posting a list of my New Years Resolutions.

Why?  Or rather, why not?

Because they aren’t mine.   The 10 best things about 2014 are not things that I did.   Trust me, there are way too many things in 2014 that did NOT go the way I planned.

They are not things that I can brag about or things that I can say,  “I want to build on that this year.”

Because much of 2014 wasn’t about things or accomplishments.   It was about people.   It was about learning who I could trust, who I could help, who I could listen to.   Who, not what.

Because much of 2014 was about listening.   Listening to God.   Listening to Him say, “Be Still.”

“Be Still and Know.”

“Be Still and Know that I am God.”

Because much of 2014 involved grief.   Grief for a friend whose adopted daughter died in a car accident.   Grief for the patients and families my wife and daughter work with at the hospital.   Grief over dreams that have changed.   Grief over children who are damaged by experiences out of their control.   Grief with parents who are attempting to find healing for their children.  Grief with those who can’t find that healing.

Because much of 2014 involved learning that different things mattered than I thought mattered.    Priorities refocused.   New skills learned.   Family helped.

For me, that’s what matters.   It doesn’t matter which blog post got the most traffic.   It doesn’t matter what was best about 2014.    It doesn’t really matter that we’re sitting at the start of a new year and in many ways I’m in a significantly different place than I was 365 days ago.

What matters is God.

What matters is searching for His plans and following them.

What matters is love.   Love of God, love of my wife, love of my kids and sharing God’s love with others.

Others that look and believe like me AND others that don’t look and believe and act like me.    Gratitude for what God has done calls us into that love.

That’s what matters.

2015 is going to be a discovery.    A discovery of God, of more of God, of God’s plan and of your and my roles in His plan.

Will you join me?


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