Mannah Burgers!

Can you imagine?

How spoiled are we in the first world?   My kids will complain,  “We had that last week!”

Read Exodus 16 – they ate mannah.

Mannah provided by God.   Every day.

It’s like eating saltines.   For breakfast.   And for lunch.  And for dinner.

“Hey want to come over for dinner?   We’re having saltines!”

Mom, what’s for supper?”   “Mannah Burgers!”

For 40 years, God provided for the Israelites.   He did it in very unusual ways.    He did it in ways that reinforced that God was in charge and He was taking care of His people.

He also taught them to trust God.   Trust Him for today.    Don’t worry about tomorrow, just trust me for today.   I’ve got this.

So, when you attempt to start worrying about next week or next month or next year – just remember,   “Mannah Burgers!”

God’s got this.


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