Mental Health–Let’s Talk About It

I’ve been involved in a number of conversations in the last couple of days that have been very painful but also have prompted me to do something that I’ve never done before.    Let me explain a few things……

First, let me say that my family and I are all fine – or as fine as we can be.   Smile  The conversations that I had all were with friends who either are suffering or know someone who is suffering from mental health struggles.    And there have been a lot of them – at last count, 7 in the last 48 hours.    A whole lot of pain.

Second, in brainstorming with a couple of creative types and some mental health professionals, a pretty solid consensus came out that we as a society are very good at talking about injuries and physical sicknesses.  BUT mental illness, emotional challenges, depression, mood disorders anything related to that are areas that we really really don’t want to talk about.  

Third, the consensus was that one of the best things that we as a society can do to help combat this is to talk about it.    Bring it out in the open, remove the “shame stigma” and get people to realize that it’s okay to struggle but it’s also okay to ask for help.

SO, I’m going to start something new.   I’m going to start a series on the blog called,  “It’s all in your head (and in your heart.)”    The goal is to have a series of guest posts from people who have a story to tell, who have a reason to care, who want to share what they know and hopefully get more and more people thinking about and talking about mental health.   So if you want the stage, if you have something to say, take it away (with apologies to Toby Mac).

On the right hand side of the blog, there will be a sign up form where you can submit your idea of what you want to write on, whether you want to be named or do it anonymously (anonymous to everyone else, I won’t post something if I don’t know who wrote it) and some other information.   

Let’s get a dialogue going.   Let’s encourage others to realize they are not alone.   Let’s make the pain that one person is feeling less.

Let’s save someone from the irreversible action of the only way they believe they can make the pain stop.  

It’s real.    We need to treat it as real.

Will you help?


1 thought on “Mental Health–Let’s Talk About It

  1. Anita

    i want to be apart of this discussion. Having a spouse with mental health issues, lifeg can get lonely. We’ve switched churches as our church didn’t get mental health or know how to relate. Can’t wait to hear what others have to saY


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