Adoptive Parents and the Church – Questions We Should Ask?

So, we’ve talked about what adoptive parents don’t want you to ask – Here.
We’ve talked about why we want you to ask questions – just certain ones.
We’ve talked about two questions that family and good friends should ask – here and here.
We’ve talked about the question that we want our kids teachers, youth group leaders, boy scout leaders and such to ask.   And what it means when they do.   Read it here.
Now it’s time to look at a question that might be a bit more uncomfortable.   When I start writing this, I’m planning to write it in one post but it might end up being more lengthy than that.  will end up being longer than that.
First, I want to say something about the word “church.”   I am a member of a church that falls in the category of a Protestant denomination (actually Christian Reformed) and while I’m speaking from personal experience, I believe that the challenges are similar no matter what sort of church you attend.
What questions do adoptive parents wish that the church would ask?   I think there are a number of them – but they can be lumped into four main categories:
Is our view of adoption accurate?
Are there people in our church who feel “guilty” if they don’t adopt?
Are we, as a church, guilty of the “Happily ever after” scenario?
What do we do about it?
More to come soon.

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