A Prayer About Not Being Okay

Dear Heavenly Father,

How did the world end up like this?  I mean I know it’s the whole Satan vs. God battle but wow, things have deteriorated so quickly in so many ways lately.

Help us to be your hands and feet and not bash others who might not agree.

Help us to have courage – because today certainly isn’t the time for the faint of heart.

Help us to balance the need of protecting our “people” and reaching out to those who need someone to protect them.   Help the balance to lean towards those who have no one.

Help us to see how is the best way to be love and to live love.

We’re not okay and many people are scared being “not okay.”   Give us all a greater sense of the new world that you have promised us and that when we get there, then we will be okay.

In the mean time, God, give us wisdom.   Give us a conscience – not only in terms of how we help or don’t help in this problem, but in how we interact with others about it and about other issues.   Facebook should be a place for Christians to shine your light and your love, not to hurt and yell and swear.

Help us to not give your church ANOTHER black eye as we know we’ve already given her many.

I’m not okay with the world the way it is today.   

Make it clear for us all what you’d have us do and how you’d like us to live.

In your name we ask for wisdom,