The Present of Being Present

I might be totally wrong.

If you ask my kids, they will tell you that it’s happened at least once or twice before.  (Hah!)

But I think that it’s different this time.

The turn from 2015 to 2016 is different than other New Years have been,

Yeah, there’s still a lot of the typical New Years Resolutions.   But there’s a change.

Since last January 1, we’ve all begun to know the name ISIS.

Since last January 1, we’ve all heard of Boko Haram, Charlie Hebdo, Lesbos Island, Terror in Paris and San Bernadino.

Since last January 1, we’ve heard and had the ability to watch way too many gruesome propaganda acts uploaded to the Internet by people who want to terrorize the Western world.

Since this time last year, we’ve spent way more time talking about Donald Trump than he deserves.

It’s different this year.  

There’s a growing sense in the church that we need to wake up to the pain and suffering around us.

There’s a growing sense that spouting nice words will not bring us back to a place where the world is good.   In many ways, spouting nice words in a place of pain is counter productive.

There’s also a growing sense that life is too short and too fragile.  

We need to seek God.

We need to ask Him to show us His way.

And we need to do what He wants.

My plan, at this point and subject to God saying differently, is to spend a good bit of time wrestling with the issues that our society is facing,   Issues of racism, of social justice, of terrorism, of social injustice, of child trafficking (also known as a broken adoption system), I hope to address them, to identify the problems and discuss ways that you and I, ordinary people, can attempt to make a difference.

Some of that will be done on here (so go to the sign up on the right side of the blog about half way down to keep informed).

Some of it will be done through books that I hope to write and publish on Amazon and places like that.

Some of it might potentially be bigger projects that require some upfront funding – and there will a kick starter project if that becomes necessary.

Thoughts from an Ordinary Guy – that’s me.   Just an ordinary guy.   But I believe God has called us to be extra ordinary in our “being” so as to be His hands and feet.

2016 – the year of being present and seeing what God’s up to.

And joining it.

I hop you’ll join me.