Where I Was This Weekend…..

I wrote this on Facebook this weekend – and I thought I should post it here as well.  I wrote it at the Ronald McDonald House across the street from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital…..

Some may call it “Ronald McDonald’s House” but I prefer to call it holy ground.   Every day, parents and children and volunteers and staff try and push and smile and attempt to make it through to beat that disease.   Every day, there are people facing so much here that require a team of specialists across the street to push back and fight the illness.

We are one of the fortunate ones.   We’re here because Abby is going to the cardiac kids camp put on by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital at Camp Joy.   So she goes there tomorrow and we go home. 

Now is not our turn to be fighting hard against a serious illness.   Abby’s heart condition is currently well under control.

But as I sit here in the lobby, I wonder, what sort of battles are others facing here?  What sort of heroes walk these halls caring for the families?

Please join me in praying for these families that are fighting very difficult illnesses.   Pray for the staff and volunteers who support them.

Pray that Abby stays relatively healthy and doesn’t require serious care here.

And the next time, and every time that you go to McDonald’s, donate your change to help the Ronald McDonald houses – you won’t notice the change and it will make a difference.

Feeling sobered and blessed at the same time,


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