Once Upon a Time – Not a Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was this family.   The story isn’t completely written yet but this family adopted two of their kids from Haiti.

While they were in the process of adopting from Haiti, they discovered something that really bothered them……

Many of the children, the estimates run upwards of 70% or higher, many of the children who are in Haitian orphanages aren’t orphans in the strict sense of the word.

What’s the strict sense of the word “orphan?”   The strict sense is that a child is an orphan if they have no parents who are living.   According to many “big” organizations, there are in excess of 140,000,000 orphans but if you apply the term in its strictest sense, the number drops to be between 15,000,000 and 20,000,000.

Do the math – what’s the difference between 140,000,000 and 20,000,000?   Yes, that’s right.

One hundred and twenty million children who are considered orphans and living in orphanages who have birth families.   Families that want to take care of them but for a variety of economic reasons are not able to.

They are known as poverty orphans.   Poverty and the lack of food has driven their parents to bring them to an orphanage in hopes of a better life.

If you take the numbers for Haiti, there are estimated to be around 430,000 orphans.  70% of that would be 301,000 orphans in Haiti are poverty orphans.

If their parents, their biological parents, had a way to care for them, then they could stay with their family.   301,000 kids who could have mom and dad tuck them in bed (or mom or dad).   301,000 kids who could know who they belong to.   301,000 kids who wouldn’t have to wonder why Mom and Dad gave them up.

This family (go back to the top) decided this wasn’t acceptable.

And so The Apparent Project was born.

Come back tomorrow for installment #2 of the story.


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