Walking in the Fog…..

Even though I don’t live in London or any other place that has a lot of fog, I feel like I have spent a very long time lately walking in the fog.

Trying to figure out where God wanted me to be.

Trying to figure out who God wanted me to be.

Trying to figure out who God wanted me to help.

I would be foolish to say that the fog has lifted, completely.

It hasn’t.   I don’t think it ever will.

But I know this.  Part of the fog has lifted and I can see more than 6 inches in front of my face.

Part of the fog has lifted and I can see that there are people I can impact who live outside of my nice little 117 year old farm house.

It was on Facebook yesterday but let me tell you here.

I’ve joined the staff of The Apparent Project.  

I’ll have a lot more going forward, but let me tell you two things about The Apparent Project:

1. Their goal is to keep Haitian children with their families and out of orphanages through jobs, training progress, child care, a pre-school and more (the more is where I come in).   Throughout all of this, the goal is to inspire independence, develop the skills and the mindset that works towards self sufficiency and do it with the utmost respect for the children and families we work with.   It’s a hand up, not a hand out.  Is it easy?   Absolutely not.   Is it crucial?   Yes.  Do we do it right all the time?   Hah, anyone who thinks that any charity does things right all the time needs to think again.

2. There are many more things that we’d like to do, that the Haitians need us to do, so that they can truly generate a spirit of independence and the pride that comes from being self reliant rather than needing to look to the “blan” (white guys) for help.  

It’s a long road.   It’s not nearly as easy as “adopt an adorable two year old” appears to be (until they become teenagers and beyond).   But it’s a road that I’m excited to travel down.

I hope you’ll join us and keep in touch.

There’s a box right next to this post where you can sign up to keep up anything I write on my personal blog.   I will be doing even more writing about helping, hurting, building, supporting and changing at the Apparent Project blog.

Thanks for coming along on this adventure!


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