After the Hurricane | Shelley in Haiti

Haiti will be at the center of attention again for several weeks or months until the next big tragedy draws the eye of the media away.

And life will continue. Babies will die of malnutrition. Maternal health will continue to be one of the worst in the world. Children will still not go to school. Parents will be looking for orphanages where they can leave their children (many new ones will have sprung up by then), cholera will have killed thousands more Haitians, and tents and tin will become the materials used to house those displaced once again.

Nothing will change. Life will go back to the “normal” and Haitians will continue the struggle. That is their reality. Never enough. No opportunity. No jobs. No education. And No change.

Unless we do something that might last past 12 weeks of disaster relief.

*Before I say anything else, please stop and give. Give to the relief efforts. It is absolutely necessary and lifesaving in this moment. Find one you trust and give today.*

But everything will go back to normal. It will of course.


Unless what?

Unless education.

Unless Jobs.Unless we can invite Haiti’s privately owned businesses to the international table of trade.

Unless we can deal with their harsh reality and realize they might not have their shit together but we make a commitment to buy from them anyways until they get better.

A country never has and never will become a sustainable developed country because it was given rice and beans.

A people group has never grown in self esteem and dignity because of a free meal.

A job is what they need.


Source: After the Hurricane | Shelley in Haiti

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