Real Help?

In a time in this world where there are so many people saying, “Trust me!  I can solve this!”

“Vote for me, the other guy is a jerk!”

“We’re going to solve this.”

God speaks, through David, in Psalm 3:8, when he says, “Real help comes from God.”

There you have it.  

Whether you are battling your own personal struggles that no one else can see


You are fighting issues and executive orders that run contrary to what you hear God calling his people to, you can have confidence.

Real Help – band aids are not real help, they are cover ups, and temporary aid.   Real Help, lasting help comes from God.

Does it come straight down from Heaven (think Elijah and the altar that God burned up)?  Rarely.

Most of the time, real help that comes from God comes through His people.

Through lowly shepherds like David.

Through people like Moses with a speech impediment.

Through prostitutes.

Through IRS agents.

Through fathers who immigrated to another country to change the future of their entire family.

Through Mother Teresa and her work with the poor and the sick.

Through the people who take the time to listen and really listen when someone answers the question, “How are you?” with something less than an honest, heartfelt positive answer.

Real help comes from God – through His people.

Who can you help who needs it today?

Dear God,   There is a lot going on in this world and most of it seems to be evil, hard, disapointing.  Help us to realize that we, as your people, need to be your hands and feet and help those who are hurting.  Amen


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