My last post about Haiti

So, my last post about Haiti brought about some very important conversations with some people I know and respect.

It had to do with not “doing” anything.

Or at least not doing anything that people in Haiti could do.

A couple of caveats to that statement:
1. If there aren’t people in Haiti who can do “this” then it is okay to bring people in. If there aren’t people who can do, say the procedure involved in helping kids with hydrocephalus, then by all means, bring them in. Don’t make someone suffer needlessly if it can be helped.
2. But there’s an important part of that which is often usually overlooked. That is the teaching component. If you know how to do something and someone in Haiti needs help, don’t just do it. Help them learn how to do it so that they can do it next time. Or better yet, teach them and then supervise them doing it this time.

Help where it is needed. It’s only needed if it can’t be done locally, and then teach them to do what you are currently doing for them.

Some day, they won’t need you to help and do it for them, instead you can come visit and be encouragement to them.

That’s when you really help…..


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