What Did God Do?

If you have been hanging around here long enough, you’ve heard this story before. My former church sent a team to work at the orphanage where I used to be on staff. We got home and like all dutiful church groups, gave a report to the church one Sunday morning about how the trip happened and what we did.

There was a LOT of “we did this……” We finished that……” “We helped with …….” It was a busy 8 day trip. Given the total of what was spent on the trip, we had a lot to justify……

After the church service, a lot of people were talking to us about the trip and asking more questions about Haiti, about the organization we went with and more.

One of church members kind of hung back a bit. That’s not like him because he has been my daughters’ Spanish teacher for going on more years than either one of us would care to admit.

After a bit he came up and said, “Tom, thanks for the report on what the team did. I appreciated it and as someone who takes school teams to Honduras and other places in Central America, I know what kind of work that involves. But I really wanted you to tell me one thing and I didn’t see or hear it……..”

“What did God do? Where did you see God?”

I am going to attempt to do a lot of writing on that topic over the next week and more. Given the potential for pictures to be exploitative, I’m going to purposely use a minimal number of pictures that have people in them.

I will share pictures of what I see but not of the people. Those I will attempt to get you to see in word pictures.

Why not people pictures? A couple of reasons……

1. Pictures of people in poverty, extreme illness or malnutrition are pictures that are often shared by places where the goal is to manipulate the viewer into action.

2. Taking pictures, specifically of people in a 3rd world country who are living a very hard life, is often viewed as degrading to the person(s) who had their picture taken. Especially if permission wasn’t granted before the picture was taken.

What is God up to in Haiti?

Where can I see God on this trip?

I’m going to attempt to share that with you. It’s not me who is “doing” things. God is doing things, we’re just riding along and trying to help.

I hope you’ll “join” me on this trip.


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