More and More

After a weekend of dealing with difficult issues regarding race, institutions, facts, emotions, differing……..

The Senior Pastor at our church reminded me in church on Sunday of two very important things:
1. You are more messed up and more screwed up and more dysfunctional than you are willing to admit. Having just spent 2.5 days wrestling with the screwed up, messed up and dysfunctional ways that our country has treated different peoples differently, I can’t argue with that.

But here’s the good part……

2. You are loved more than you ever deserve. God doesn’t love us because He likes what we’ve done or how we’ve built the church. He doesn’t love us because of how much money we’ve made. He doesn’t love us because we have gone on 14 mission trips. He loves us because He wants to.

Think about that. He loves us, just because He wants to.

That’s how the thief on the cross ended up in Heaven.

That’s how you and I get into God’s love and into His Home.

And God wants us to share His love with everyone we meet.

Not just the white boys from the suburbs, but everyone.

Because everyone is our neighbor.

Not because we need to do it to “be right” with God but because God is already right and He wants us to do it because it is right.

So as we head out into a new week, maybe we take courage from the fact that God loves us more than we deserve and share that love with others – because they don’t deserve it either – but we all need it.


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