Stateless girl, 12, stranded in Dominican Republic – 680 NEWS

“One stroke of the pen and Dominican Republic created 750,000 stateless individuals,” says Earle.

I’m not going to get into discussing the details of this particular adoption, but there are a couple of very important numbers that we need to know about…..

60,000 (the number I’ve heard is 57,000) is the number of Haitians who are in the United States under TPS – Temporary Protection Status. Essentially the US allowed them to stay here because they were in the US when the earthquake happened in 2010. President Trump is working toward revoking that and many Haitians in the US are immigrating to Canada because they think their odds of being deported from Canada is less than from the Trump Administration.

The next number – 750,000. The Dominican Republic changed the status so that Haitians who were in the DR are no longer there legally. This newspaper article talks about the “sweeps” that the DR government is currently making in an effort to get the Haitians deported.

These numbers might seem to be abstract, but they aren’t. Each of these represents a family, a person, a history and a future. The system is broken. It needs to be fixed and just sending the numbers back to a country that isn’t able to take them in is not the answer…….

Tom V

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