Why are thousands of Haitians streaming into Canada from the U.S.? – Montreal – CBC News

Since 2010, the US government has said to these Haitians, we know your country is really really struggling. You can stay here for now.

The last time I was in Haiti (in May) it had been 5 years since I had been there. I was asked, what surprised you when we got here?

What surprised me was that basically nothing surprised me. Yeah, there were some improvements since the earthquake, but very little.

Now the US government is saying, “You’re wrong, everything is good, you are going back.” Because, apparently someone in the government took a 3 hour tour of Haiti.

Now the Haitians are fleeing to Canada because they believe the US government it’s going to make good on their threat of sending them back to Haiti and sending them to a life of poverty and splitting families up because from what I understand, if let’s say, “Mr. Smith” is here under temporary protected status and Mrs. Smith is here and in the process of getting her “green card” which is a step towards citizenship in the United States, if Mr. Smith get deported back to Haiti and Mrs. Smith goes with him, she loses her place in the green card line.

And that green card line could be as much as 22 years long.

So the US government is ripping apart families because they believe that Haiti is in “good shape” and it’s okay to send one parent back and leave the others here?

The immigration system in the United States is broken and it needs to be fixed, not just “enforced.” Enforcing a broken system doesn’t solve the problems…….


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