Band Aid?

What’s a body supposed to do?

Do we care about what happened in Charlottesville and not pay attention to the Harvey victims?

I don’t think, actually I know that God would not be happy with us ignoring the countless people who are struggling because of the remnants of over 4 feet of rain. Think about it. A large percentage of middle schoolers would not be able stand with their head above water if that happened and there was no one there to help.

Or do we put a very long term problem once again on the back burner and go about helping Houston and then back to business as it was?

Whether you believe that racism is a very large problem in the United States or racism is a small problem that is blown out of proportion, I think we can all agree that Charlottesville was like the bandaid that got pulled off very quickly. It hurt and it pulled the scab off.

Do we need a bigger bandaid to stop the bleeding? Or are we going to have to go in and have surgery to stop the bleeding and heal the wound?

We don’t know yet, in terms of Charlottesville. We do in terms of Houston. A Band Aid won’t work in Houston.

May God have mercy on those who have suffered extremely – either from a natural disaster of epic proportions or a racial demonstration with ramifications around our country.

And may we continue to ask ourselves, how is God wanting us to help those less fortunate?


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