So What Did You Learn Today?

That is a question I’ve been driving my kids nuts with for decades. So many nights at supper time, that question comes up…..

But I figure, hey, if we’re spending the time and effort and money to send them to private Christian schools, we should have the right to know what they learn, right?

I won’t tell you how many times they can’t remember, at supper time, what they learned that day at school. Those of you who are teachers would cringe…….

But I want to share with you two things I learned at and about church a few weeks back and I hope you’ll find them useful……

First, if someone shares a struggle that they are going through – whether that be a physical, emotional, relational, financial or ? Kind of struggle, you should consider the fact that they shared it with you as a holy compliment. That means you should pray wholeheartedly for that person and do what you can to help them. There are very few things more disillusioning to a hurting member of a church than for them to open up to a fellow church member and then either find the news gossiped around the church or completely ignored.

Secondly, if someone brings you into the circle of people who know about their journey – journey of illness, journey of pain, journey of whatever they are fighting against, don’t apologize for not knowing about it sooner. Be grateful for the chance to help them be strong from the inside.

Simple things – but simple things that could make the church a much healthier place.

And together we could then Rejoice in the Lord in a much more deeply personal and spiritually healthy way.

God is good.

All the time.


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