It seems like it’s in short supply these days.


for a better economic future – while thousands upon thousands if not millions flee their homes and their home country

in hope of a better future.


For safety – whether that be in rural parts of Africa, the refugee camps in the Middle East, or the streets of Chicago

Hope to make it to tomorrow


For a freedom to be able to express who you are – even if it doesn’t line up with the Main Street culture of your “town.”

Hope for a greater sense of “neighbor” and a lesser sense of “I need to be like that.”


For a future generation growing up in such times as these.

Hope that they’ll grow up for such a time as this.


That there will continue to be leaders who are devoted to bringing Hope


like oxygen to a world continually gasping for breath.


that the next generation will catch that Hope – and share it with others.


Hope in something bigger than myself.

Hope in a generation that uses their iPhones to communicate.

Hope that they will use them to do good.

And not to bring others down.


Hope – that an older generation looks for in the younger generation

But rarely truly sees it.


That a younger generation looks for, but has trouble seeing


Hope that they can see a future

and help the One who made it

bring it


to our world

Not because it’s our Hope – but because it’s the Hope He gave to us.


Hope that because my God is in control of it all, I can hope to be part of a new tomorrow.

Last night, in a small gym at a small school in this place called Grand Rapids Michigan, I saw Hope.

I saw a group of teenagers come together. With Hope.

They wanted to mix styles and cultures and blend it all together and give us hope.

Hope in a God who loves us.

Not because we deserve it, but just because He loves us.

Hope in the leaders of tomorrow, hope that they will be God’s leaders of today.

Hope that teenagers can be more, can dig deeper, can use their gifts to bring hope in their world.

The Potter’s House High School is located in Wyoming Michigan and they serve an amazingly diverse student body – made up of students born in over 30 different countries. Made up of students, many of whom did not have Hope before coming through the doors of Potter’s House, who now see that they do have Hope and a future.

The Potter’s House Gospel Choir, led by Professor Nate Glasper, is a diverse group of teenagers with an amazing passion for music and for being a witness to the Hope we have through God no matter comes our way.

Check out Potter’s House at https:tphgr.org.

I went to a worship concert last night. I came home with a distinct sense of hope.

God is good.

All the time.


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