The Day after Christmas

It was the day after Christmas, and all through the house
every creature was tired, even the mouse.

All the presents were opened, the stockings too
Most of the goodies were eaten and enjoyed too.

Family close, sometimes, not
Family, close sometimes, sometimes not

Places full, hearts full
Places empty, memories fostered there amid the pain

Traditions – some last long, some start new
Traditions – made to create memories

The Reason? What’s the Reason for the Season?
Is it a new XBox or iPad or laptop?

Or a trip to somewhere that’s not here?
A place to post pictures from that make people jealous?

No, that’s not the reason
Though Best Buy and Apple would say

And don’t forget Hallmark and their happily ever after
Each one ends the same yet people still like them.

Christmas – its a beginning, a time of celebration
It’s also a time to remember and be grateful

Grateful for the Baby
And grateful for the Son


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