This is Us?

I’ve never seen it before.

Reality TV, eh, not really that real.

The news – is it truly factual or is it someone’s opinion?

Then there’s this TV show – called “This is Us.”

It’s been around and it started with a bang.
⁃ Triplets where one of them died at birth.
⁃ Adoption – a baby of color by the white parents who lost a triplet while the other two were healthy.
⁃ Grief, going from 0 kids to 3 kids at once, all of the plethora of emotions all piling on at the same time.

And then it starts this season tonight……
⁃ Impending births (I’m trying to not give too much away)
⁃ 40th birthdays for the three.
⁃ Aging issues for Mom
⁃ Racial tensions between siblings (they aren’t all white)

Overtop of all of this is woven the story of George Floyd’s murder and the riots and protests and Covid and the impact that has. The impact on the “trio” of different racial makeup and the impact on the bigger family, very difficult and very hard to watch.

A conversation with one of Randall’s daughter’s boyfriends illustrates how painful everything that’s going on really is.

Attempts at mending fences inside families – doesn’t happen quickly, happens little by little.

In depth but subtle insights in what the Covid virus is doing to our county but especially to the people of color who are struggling.

This is Us…….

This is Us?

I believe it is……


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